Motivating and inspiring employees is a critical skill for successful people managers.

Doing that successfully, however, is a craft only some managers possess. When it’s done poorly, tasks don’t get done, teams are not aligned and the business suffers.

Frequently, the thought is that motivation and inspiration is “extrinsic”. Managers might believe that their enthusiasm, charisma and clear direction is enough to rally the troops.

However, true motivation and inspiration is “intrinsic”; meaning that motivation comes from within the individual employee.

Unlocking that motivation and inspiration is an easily learned skill and professional coach training is something many companies are requiring of their managers today.

Following are a list of reasons why Corporate Employees are getting trained to be coaches.

  • To be an authentic and inspiring leader in the organization
  • To improve team and organizational performance
  • To achieve visible business results
  • To enhance leadership skills
  • To create breakthrough results in their roles and in their business
  • To empower and increase productivity, creativity and ownership of their team
  • To reduce employee turnover and increase employee engagement
  • To unleash creative potential in self, teams and others
  • To strengthen relationships and improve connection with self and people in organization
  • To create a coaching culture in the organization for long-term business sustainability

The MMS Institute has been training coaches since 1974.  The MMS Institute of Northern California is offering a 60-Hour ICF Credentialed Coach Training in The Bay Area in March/April, 2017

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