The Inner Negotiation Workshop was created by Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D, MCC in 1974. Since it’s inception, her company, The MMS Institute has led these workshops all over the globe.

Dr. Cherie best describes what the workshop is all about. Read on!

“The Inner Negotiation Workshop is especially designed to be an environment of unconditional love and permission. Within the framework of simple guidelines, participant behaviors are accepted, validated, and embraced. The environment of acceptance and encouragement are key elements that cause the workshop to unfold magically and organically.”

“As a participant in the Inner Negotiation Workshop you are invited to focus on what you want, rather than what you think is possible. You are encouraged to reflect, notice, and speak up for yourself regardless of how unreasonable your wishes. You are urged to express your wants, hopes, and dreams, rather than discounting them as unrealistic or stupid. You are prompted to look within yourself, to trust your deepest instincts, and to determine a way to have your wishes become real.”

“As the workshop evolves, the ‘box’ of self-imposed limitations becomes blatantly obvious, and you will begin to explore routes to break out of that ‘box.’ The focus shifts from ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ to ‘what?’ and ‘when?’ Breaking through involves a ‘leap’ or ‘risk’ going beyond what seems possible, transcending the probable, and allowing the possibility of a magical, creative, unknown-until-now ‘breakthrough.’

“The leap ensures your belief in yourself. It requires taking your risk, with no guarantees about the outcome. When you begin to listen to your inner guidance, discover solutions, and then implement them, the atmosphere becomes energized with excitement, possibilities, and magic!”

“You shift from outer-directed, needing to get approval, attention, and recognition from others, to inner-directed and self-inspired. You put this concept into daily application.”

“Another facet of the Inner Negotiation Workshop relates to creativity. Given our training and conditioning in the logical, rational approach to life, many people do not have the opportunity to explore their creative side, specifically in problem solving. The rational model determines the best course of action that is weighed, critiqued, and evaluated. Each plan may have pros and cons, making it difficult to select the ‘right’ one. Often decision-making leaves people feeling discouraged, confused, frustrated or defeated. Rarely are they allowed and encouraged to temporarily suspend the ‘censorious judge’ in order to explore the realm of unlimited possibilities. They don’t allow themselves the permission to brainstorm to arrive at something vital, original, and tailor-made.”

“In the Inner Negotiation Workshop, you have no choice but to use your creativity to conjure up your own innovative solutions. It is through the application of the creative side that you break through the membrane of the mind. The mental lock-down restricts you within the confines of the polite and socially acceptable ‘box’ that you have constructed. The walls of the box may be labeled: ‘Don’t make a mistake!’ or ‘Don’t do it wrong!’ or ‘Don’t make a fool of yourself!’ or ‘Don’t stick your neck out!’ When you make your leap and begin to really ‘go for it’ regardless of apparent consequences, you will break through that mental prison.”

“When you act on your own gut level impulse, you begin to unleash your power, moving from fear to certainty… an adult who knows what he wants and is determined to have it. By risking non-agreement, disapproval, and potential criticism, each person in the workshop begins to go for broke and stops ‘trying.’ Through the use of personal objectives as ‘divining rods,’ each person pursues his/herself, relentlessly going deeper to the core of their being to the place inside that truly knows. During the journey, you experience the opportunity to express the full range of human emotions. When you clearly ask for what you want, others respond. Participants begin to rally forth in support of each other when support is requested. It is exciting to witness the energy, the bonding, the genuine caring people experience and express for each other in the INW environment.”

Combing the elements listed below results in a deeply transforming experience:

  • Focusing on the solution, not the problem
  • Stating what you want
  • Looking within and trusting yourself
  • Taking the risk
  • Altering the motivation from outer – to inner-centered
  • Energy release
  • Utilizing creativity and imagination
  • Developing intuition
  • Operation in non-agreement
  • Self-expression
  • Enlisting the support of others
  • Freedom from guilt
  • Going for what you want 100%
  • New experience of power


“The time capsule environment of the Inner Negotiation Workshop acts as a catalyst for enormous movement in people’s lives. The key factor is that each person does it for him/herself. It is the ‘Do-it-yourself’ workshop, and people prove over and over again that they don’t need instructions, direction, or things planned out for them. You can and do create your own workshop from your own imagination and ingenuity.”

“This is the experience of living life from the inside…out!”

~ Chérie Carter-Scott

The next Inner Negotiation Workshop is happening in the Bay Area on March 25th & 26th at Earthrise Institute in Petaluma, California. Dr Cherie will be leading this workshop. It’s an unusual opportunity to work with her in the United States! For more information on the workshop, Click Here.

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