March 21st & 22nd, 2020

EXPERIENCE this 2-day workshop…

For those ready to show up in their lives in a grander, more empowered way.

LEARN how to…

  • Break through old patterns
  • Master self-defeating tendencies
  • Ritualize change in a positive way
  • Formulate strategies for transition


Marin County, CA
Tuition $950*, includes intake session and follow up session


“If everyone could confront their darkness like we did in the INW, the world would be a better place”  ~  Alex Coor

 “It’s like an emotional cleanse for the soul” ~ Chris

 “There’s a Peruvian saying that tribes say when they meet one another on the trails:  ‘I am you, and you are me.’  Everyone in this workshop felt like an extension of myself. It was so powerful!”  ~ Jessica Obando

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