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Carla Morton


Carla Morton is a PCC level, ICF Credentialed Leadership and Executive Coach, certified through New Ventures West in San Francisco and a Credentialed Facilitator with The MMS Worldwide Institute. She the Executive Director of The MMS Institute of Northern California, (along with her business partner, Lindsey Taylor) which offers ICF Credentialed Coach Trainings and personal development workshops, created by The MMS Institute Worldwide. She is also a credentialed Mentor Coach. Her specialty is to support business leaders and professionals through critical changes in their professional and personal lives, so they can thrive as fully integrated, take-charge rockstars.

Carla obtained her Psychology degree from Dominican University in Marin County before embarking on an 18 year career as an executive recruiter working with Fortune 500 and start-ups throughout the US. She witnessed the struggles and the joys of the candidates whom she worked, and realized her knack at assessing a person’s state of mind as well an ability to foresee and coach individuals through potential roadblocks throughout these transitions in their careers and their personal lives.

Never one to work a single-track career herself, Carla also launched several start-ups in a variety of industries, including BrandHabit, a Silicon Valley angel-invested fashion internet directory, as well as ASPIRE, an Employee Wellbeing Company.
Early in her career, Carla founded Go Fish!, a successful executive recruiting company. As the CEO of Go Fish! she directed a staff of four and recruited for a variety of early-stage start-ups such as eGain and Cetrus, and had long relationships with Visa, Schwab, Wells Fargo and Autodesk.
As a serial entrepreneur and founder, Carla has been responsible for conceptualizing and writing the business plan for several companies. She has raised angel investment money, recruited advisory boards, has had full P&L responsibility, as well team hiring, and day-to-day operational management.
Her coaching practice includes Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Executives and Individuals from such companies as Marqueta, IBM, Bank of the West, Meals-on-Wheels, McGuire Real Estate, Autodesk and Open DNS/Cisco.  She also Coaches a cohort of women entrepreneurs with the organization, How Women Lead and organizes a group of coaches to volunteer coach teen girls through the non-profit, Oakland Natives Give Back/Girls Equity Movement. 
Carla lives in Marin County; she is the mother of a 22-year-old daughter and enjoys the outdoors as well as travel in developing countries. She is an avid hiker and practices yoga and meditation. She is also a Champion for the Climate and involved in an organization called Invest for Better. 

Working with Carla was truly transformational. I initially sought Carla’s help as a founder looking to grow my business. Her guidance was both thoughtful and supportive, but as our work progressed she became the mirror I desperately needed helping me realize it was my own misery that was holding me back. Scaling my company wasn’t the challenge I needed to overcome – my unhappiness with my work was. While I may have known this intuitively, Carla’s capacity to help me see myself allowed me to realize and accept it, which effectively led me to take some much needed time off to reassess what I want and focus on my own well being. I am forever grateful to Carla for her guidance and deep capacity to not only see and hear, but also reflect back with honesty and grace.

Sarah Perstiz

“I’m a huge believer in the power of therapy and have tried many different approaches over the years. However, traditional therapy often falls short when it comes to effecting true change. Carla is amazing because she knows how to inspire someone to take action and create positive changes, but retains a keen sensitivity to meeting me “where I’m at” and being deeply empathetic.”

Jennifer H

Marketing Manager in Tech, San Francisco

“Carla helped me get clear about what’s most important for me to be working on- she helped me identify the debris in my life and clear away what wasn’t necessary. I became more intentional about how I spend my time. Carla is a grounded and centered coach and she made me feel like I was the only thing she was focused on when we worked together. She was very respectful and open to what I brought to the sessions but also pushed me to get clear about what was holding me back.”


Manager-& Adult Student in M.Div

“Working with Carla has been an insightful, enlightened and transformational experience. She definitely had the right approach to assist me in a life transition.”

Juliette B.

Business Development Executive

“Carla is a gifted, insightful coach who holds a lot of compassion and offers a fresh perspective on things. I very much enjoyed all of our sessions together and know she is destined for great success”

Steve B.