Work with Carla

Work with Carla

I work with Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs and People who are committed to creating a shift in their lives. My clients come to me with a multitude of different topics/objectives.

Some include:

  • I Want To Change The Direction Of My Career But I Don’t Know How To Get There.

  • I Have A Powerful Job But I Feel Small. 

  • I Want To Communicate Clearly With My Business Or Life Partner And Know I Need To Set Boundaries, But He/She Is Pushing My “Buttons.” 

  • I Want To Make A Job Change But I’m Terrified Of ________________________.

  • I Have A Family And Rewarding Career But Want To Feel More Creativity, Calmness, And Balance In My Life.

  • There Are So Many Things I Want To Do, But I Can’t Focus.

  • I Feel Stagnant In My Life Choices, But Fear I’ll Disappoint My Family By Changing.
Through a series of open-ended questions, I support my clients in finding the “nugget” of what is happening for them. With the discovery of this “truth”, they can then make choices on how to look at their topic differently or practice new “ways of being” that might shift the problem into a solution.
Each time we meet, we focus on an objective and an ideal outcome so you leave each session with a feeling of forwarding momentum. To support you, I’m here to help you develop new capabilities and strategies that can resolve personal and occupational difficulties in a new way, ensuring long-term excellence with the ability to self-correct and to flourish in your life.

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